Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Blessed Beyond Measure

We are so blessed.

It’s a phrase we hear so often, but recently I’ve been wondering…

Do we really believe it?
Think with me a moment.

When was the last time you watched one of your own family members die before your very eyes, because they proclaimed they believe in Jesus? Or can you look around your cozy living room and see the ones you love all safe?

When was the last time you didn’t know where your next meal was coming from? Or do you have a
pantry and fridges stocked full of delicious things to eat, and money to buy more if you run out?

When was the last time you heard the roar of an army plane and franticly ran for the nearest bomb shelter, and fearfully listened to the barrage of explosives as their sound cut through the air? Or can you peacefully walk outside, spread your arms wide and breath in deep the fresh air, and feel the sun gently warming your cheeks?

When was the last time you wrapped your tattered coat around you in a vain attempt to stay warm, and wondered where you would sleep that night? Or do you have a soft, comfortable bed, in which you can rest without any worries?

When was the last time you went to church and heard about Jesus’s love for you, or when did you last read your Bible and think about the wondrous gift of salvation you have received? Thousands die without even hearing the name of Jesus or of the salvation He offers. And yet, you have heard, and have eternal life.
We are so blessed.

Do I really believe this?

Honestly, my problems are so minute when compared with some things. Seriously, I’m fussing because I might be gluten intolerant? Or I’m upset because I don’t have aaannnyythiiing to wear? (When in reality, I have a closet full of clothes…) Or because brother finished the coffee off and now I must make a new pot? Really, I have no reason whatsoever to complain…
…and yet, I do.


Do you realize you blessed you really are?

Because, we have so much that the majority does not.

Are you truly thankful?

Take a moment right now and just praise the Lord for the gifts He’s given you. Don’t let your problems become bigger than your God, whatever they may be. And whatever you do...

…keep being thankful.


  1. Loved this, Rachel! Such a good reminder!! :)

    By the way, I love your header design with the faded notebook paper, open Bible, and blog name. I use blogspot for my blog but I'm not entirely sure how to put a picture behind my blog name, if that makes sense. I'm planning on changing my blog to Grace Notes very soon, and I was thinking about putting a photo behind the header, but I don't know how. Do you know how to put the photo behind the header using blogger, or is it part of the Cutest Blog on the Block template?

    Thanks so much!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Grace! <3

      And thank you! Yes, that makes sense! I actually designed my own header on PicMonkey.com - I had taken the Bible photo, and the website had the tools to add the faded background and paper, and the title. Then I was able to upload the photo header, and remove the text title that is automatic by Blogger. It took some playing around, but it was worth it! :) Hope this helps! (Cute blog name, btw! =) )