Saturday, May 20, 2017

Don't Forget!

Are you looking for a life changing experience? 

Are you wanting to deepen your relationship with your best friend, Jesus?

Is "Study and Memorize the Bible" on your list of want-to-do's, but you just never seem to get around to doing it? 

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then I have an answer for you. Let me introduce you to the... *drumroll*

National Bible Bee! 

The Bible Bee began in 2009, inspired by the testimony of Shelby Kennedy. Shelby was a young woman who LOVED Jesus Christ and His Word. Unfortunately, Shelby passed away from cancer in her twenties, but her legacy is still changing lives today. 

The Bible Bee is a competition in which young people from the ages of 7 to 18 are encouraged to study and memorize the Scriptures. This Word is life-changing! The Bible Bee provides each contestant with a Study Guide called a Discovery Journal (in which contestants are guided through an in-depth study on a book or passage of the Bible. This year, it is Genesis 1-3!) and a list of passages to memorize (approximately 40 verses to memorize during the summer.) 

There are different levels to competing in the Bible Bee: the Local Level, the National Level, and the Game Show! I only participated in the Local and National Level, but the Game Show looks exciting, too! (Currently airing for completely free HERE, Tuesday nights 8 pm EST.)

I have participated in the National Bible Bee for five years, beginning when I was 13. I truly believe God put it in my life at just the right time. Each year, I've learned many valuable truths and the in-depth study and memorization of the Scripture has truly changed my life! Not only have I studied God's Word, but I have made friends in so many amazing and godly people. I can't imagine my life without the Bible Bee, seriously! (And I have a very vivid imagination, too, so...)

I want to challenge YOU to participate in the Bible Bee! It will change your life, I promise. 

But heads up! Registration for the Bible Bee ENDS SOON! So don't wait around, please! If you're wanting an activity to make your summer worthwhile and life changing, get involved in the Bible Bee! 

So what you waiting for?! Head over to the Bible Bee website to find out more info and register! This year, I am serving as a Local Host for my area, as well as serving as a Community Moderator. If you have ANY questions, feel free to post a comment below or message me HERE, and I will try to answer it the best I can. 

Whether or not you compete in the Bible Bee, I pray that you will find God's Word real in your life and that you will hunger and thirst for Him!

*This post is in no way sponsored by the NBB. This is my personal testimony and challenge to you.*


  1. *tries not to cry while reading this post* Being an alumni is bittersweet....

    1. Awww yeah :( *hug* If you need a fellow alumni to chat with over the woes of alumniness (I think I made a new word lol) you can reach me on Hangouts! I know it can be hard. <3

    2. Thanks! *hugs back* Hehe, alumniness... I'm gonna have to use that!

  2. Yeah for Bible Bee! :D (I thought about doing a post on my blog for people to sign up for Bible Bee...then I realized all my subscribers were BBers! :D) Thanks for hosting! It's so important!

    1. Haha, I think most of mine are too, but it doesn't hurt just n case! :P You're welcome; I'm excited to do it!